If I didn’t give my right brain a voice soon, it was going to burst through my skull and kill me in my sleep.
That’s my primal inspiration for this blog. Righty was starving. When your brain starts threatening your life, it’s time to stop sustaining it solely on a diet of denial. Empty calories really.
The underlying desire that spawned the cerebral revolt was my desire to celebrate the brain. All of it.
No idea lives in a vacuum. All the voices calling out from the dark corners of gray matter contribute something. This is not to imply some self-serving disclaimer for a sea of random; it merely explains that while I do have dominant themes, I will not devote this blog to them exclusively. I let the ideas tell me where they want to go and how hungry they are for more attention on the page. I will not censor them, but I will respect their need for privacy or guise when appropriate. Some things are strictly between you and command central, no?
I merely want my cerebral offspring to have a playground, a place to be themselves to be praised, ridiculed and ignored; a place to learn the hard way, to be shamelessly self-indulgent, to stumble upon epiphany, to experience every emotion on the human spectrum. I want them to devour the page and grow stronger for every luscious bite they tear off.
It’s time to feed the beast or perish in its wrath. In other words, it’s time to write. On with it…..